Microsoft and announce Minecraft Hour of Code Designer

Dennis Bednarz

There isn’t much you can learn in one hour, as the Mojang Blog suggests itself, and therefore another Hour of Code tutorial has been written by the Minecraft maker.

The Hour of Code is a project that helps people learn the basics of coding in just 60 minutes, which seems like a bold claim, but as the two companies managed to do the same thing last year, with the former Hour of Code that has been played over 31 million times, why wouldn’t they be able to now?

The announcement at the Microsoft Blog reveals that the project has been made in  co-operation with Microsoft, Mojang and teams in order to help people of the age 6 and older understand fundamental basics of how programming works, with some easy commands the “game” will have to follow.

The Mojang Blog post also featured this short clip to show off the project:

Both of these tutorials are available through’s website where you can watch them for free but keep in mind that these are the basics which mean that you won’t be able to code an AAA-title game after following these tutorials.