Microsoft and Bromium announce new technical partnership for Windows 10

Microsoft and Bromium announce new technical partnership for Windows 10

Today at the World Partner Conference, Bromium announced a new technical partnership with Microsoft to ensure Bromium’s micro-virtualization security solutions are supported in Windows 10.

A company’s data is only as safe as the threats on the end user’s computer. When an employee clicks that suspicious link or downloads something they shouldn’t, the entire organization can be exposed to unwanted malware. To protect against the inevitable accidental click by an employee, Bromium introduced its unique endpoint security solution called micro-virtualization to isolate threats through virtualization of a device’s hardware so malware can’t infect a system of spread into an entire network.

Now with this new technical partnership, Bromium will be bring its micro-virtualization security solution to Windows 10 to help companies keep their systems and networks safe.

Ian Pratt, CEO and Co-founder of Bromium stated:

“Our strategic partnership with Microsoft is centered on a common technology heritage and a shared goal of hardening the endpoint to prevent enterprise breaches. This partnership validates micro-virtualization as a foundation for future desktop security and assures Bromium’s security products are compatible and complementary to Microsoft’s efforts to enhance security in Windows. Microsoft and Bromium together make Windows endpoints secure, defeating attacks by design and delivering real-time threat insights. We are proud to be working closely with Microsoft to help end the era of enterprise breaches.”

With Windows 10 set to introduce a number of new security features, notably Windows Hello, which hopes to kill off the dreaded password in favor of biometric logins, the newly announced support for Bromium will give companies more control and choice of how they keep their data secure.

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