Microsoft and Adobe bring the Adobe Cloud Software including Photoshop to Windows 8-powered touch screens

Microsoft and Adobe bring the Adobe Cloud Software including Photoshop to Windows 8-powered touch screens

At Adobe's Max conference, Microsoft and Adobe announced that Adobe’s core Creative Cloud software starting with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects are now optimized for touch screens, and can be used on Windows 8.x-powered touch capable computers and tablets.

Until now, the Photoshop, among other aforementioned applications, weren’t fully compatible with touch interface. While users can now zoom, pan, and rotate the object and application's interface as they see fit, the functionality isn’t limited to just that. As Adobe says, it has redesigned the app to work on a touch interface. "When we started to explore touch, we knew that we would have to radically shift the user interface," Adobe's presenter said at an event in Los Angeles.

The companies also demonstrated several new features for the touch enabled Photoshop. A user can change the perspective in a 3D room view, as well as use gestures to edit curves and drop shadows. A new feature called Playground will allow users to interact with all the different layers with gestures. Several touch features are coming to Illustrator too.

Microsoft said that it is working with Adobe to get Creative Cloud subscription for both software and online services with company’s Office 365 subscription. "There's a lot going on in the cloud between the two of us," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. "This is the beginning of a journey that can be really exciting for the two companies and for the creative community."

The companies assert that tons of new features are on their way, as today’s demonstration was only to "get the journey started in terms of what the next-generation of hardware and software combination can be."

Watch the exciting video below, and prepare to have your minds blown. You can watch the important bits of the event in the video below that. 

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