Microsoft allowing discounted upgrades to Windows 8 for those who purchase a Windows 7 PC?

In a new report, Microsoft is apparently working with partners to release new PC models running Windows 7, with an added option to upgrade to Windows 8 for a discount once it is released. In essence, those who purchase these Windows 7 machines now will receive coupons to redeem a discounted version of Windows 8.

Although details are a bit scarce at this moment, the Windows 8 upgrade program will be made available to those who purchase a Windows 7 PC running Home Basic or higher. A coupon is given and redeemable via and Windows 8 Pro is obtainable as an upgrade via a discounted rate. This is reportedly to begin around June 2nd, when the Release Preview of Windows 8 is made available. Microsoft is looking to snag the back-to-school market by making this deal available. More on this as it develops.

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