Rid the world of older versions of IE, go dark on October 26

In an attempt to get users who are currently using Internet Explorer 8 or below are planning a cause to get websites all across the internet to go dark on October 26 2012. This movement will be for one day only, and will block users from accessing sites if they are on IE8 or below.

Of course, this cause of 100% optional, it isn’t being forced on any website. Your website can join this cause if it wishes, or skip it.

The cause is aimed at getting users to upgrade to a modern browser, such as IE9, IE10, Google Chrome and more. The plan is as follows: “To get websites to go dark on October 26, 2012 to users of Internet Explorer below version 9.”

Check out the source link for all the details on how you can take part. Remember, if you are using an old web browser, maybe now is the time to upgrade!

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