Microsoft aims to make Windows 8 a rich and extensible media platform

In a new Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft explain how they have been working on building a rich and extensible media platform for Windows 8. This includes making playback faster and making it easier for users to share content over many devices with ease.

Microsoft is making media playback in Windows 8 an easier experience for users by minimizing CPU usage when playing content. CPU usage in Windows 8 has been cut down by almost half when playing a video in Windows 8 than in Windows 7, this is due to the new Metro video player that only uses a small amount of CPU, making your system faster on the go.

“The Windows 8 media platform is designed to deliver a fluid and responsive media experience with great battery life. We’ve engineered Windows to give you a great user experience across a broad set of scenarios, including voice communication, audio and video playback, and streaming content.”

Windows 8 will make it easier for you to share media across devices with the charm “Devices”, this charm allows you to share music or video content from the web or apps to other devices such as a TV or wireless speaker.

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