Windows 8 Mail app tile turns green again, no options to adjust tile colors yet?

Microsoft just added the Surface tablet to Windows Store. They also uploaded various images of the tablet in the store along with small descriptions about the device. These images have revealed some of the changes that are being made to the RTM build of Windows 8.

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This image was posted on the homepage of Surface Tablet in Windows Store. As you can see in the above image the Mail app has a green colored tile, as opposed to the blue color tile seen in the Release Preview. If you remember the mail app had a green colour tile in the Consumer Preview which was changed to blue in the Release Preview stage. One thing remains to be seen is, will we have the option to adjust tile coloring in the RTM build of Windows 8, or did Microsoft just make a slight color change figuring no one would notice?

Microsoft just recently launched their most ambitious project yet, the Windows 8 Surface tablet. During the demonstration of the tablet, Microsoft also showed the classic desktop interface for the first time. Also a few more icons for apps such as Windows Store, SkyDrive and Sports app have been modified.

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