Microsoft admits to “stale” Maps data, working on a fix

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Maps is used by many key Windows apps via the Maps API, and it’s a core feature that needs to be right for the various apps across the Windows 10 OS to work correctly. Unfortunately, Microsoft Maps is not always correct, especially where licensed HERE maps data are in use. Well, Microsoft is finally admitting to the stale maps problem and says that they’re working on a fix (via All about Windows Phone.)

According to a statement from Loren E. Hillberg, Partner, Group Program Manager on the Bing Maps team, Microsoft sometimes encounters an occasional delay when bringing over underlying map data from HERE to Bing maps and then the Windows Map App experiences. This process is what sometimes causes some to see mapping errors, and he says the company is still working on enhancing map data to eliminate delays. His statement is seen below.

We have been speeding up our data processing and expect an update to be available this summer. We continue to invest in our maps and will continue to enhance data freshness as we move forward. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, this type of delay will be a thing of the past.

The report says that Microsoft hopes to be back on track with the mapping data by the summer of 2018, though Hillberg did not specifically mention this in his statement. At any rate, it’s nice to see that Microsoft owned up to this, and we’re looking forward to whenever the mapping data gets fixed. Did you ever experience mapping errors in Microsoft Maps? Let us know your thoughts below.