Microsoft adds video to Office 365 to make sharing and sending video easy for enterprise

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Microsoft adds video to office 365 to make sharing and sending video easy for enterprise

Video is becoming more and more important when it comes to communication in this digital world. Companies use video for training, sharing information, and making announcements. Now Microsoft has enabled video through Office 365. These videos can be uploaded by employees and shared internally within the company between employees.

With OneDrive for Business, employees could upload their files for themselves or to share. While this worked for standard documents or images, sharing video was not as simple. Video provides a unique challenge because of the large file size, different formats, and compatible devices. With Office 365 Video, Microsoft has made it easier on a company's network by properly processing the video for viewing on any device. It is also easier for a company to send videos via Yammer or SharePoint to their employees.

Microsoft is treating Video as a separate service on Office 365 because of the complexity. Videos can be viewed from a link, or seen on company channels. Videos are also connected into Delve, the Office Graph part of Office 365, so employees can see what videos are important to them. This is helpful for managers to send critical training videos or sensitive information using their enterprise cloud and not rely upon YouTube or another 3rd party video hosting service.

Office 365 Video also provides the same level of security users have come to expect from Microsoft. Videos are encrypted at rest and in transits which makes sensitive information shareable via this service. Rights management can be accessed and controlled by IT just like any other file or directory permission. Microsoft is trying to get enterprise off YouTube and onto Office 365 Video.

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