Microsoft adds OneDrive to Bug Bounty program, with rewards up to $15,000 USD

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Security is a massive issue for people who use and develop software. For a company who dominates the software market in the way that Microsoft does, it’s absolutely critical that an effort is made to plug every single hole possible. To that end, Microsoft has been utilizing the “Bug Bounty Program” – an open request to hackers all over the world to find bugs, and earn a hefty reward in the process. Today, the Bug Bounty Program has been expanded so that these software bounty hunters can hunt down an all new brand of bug.

The latest piece of Microsoft software to be added to the Bug Bounty Program is OneDrive, everyone’s favorite cloud storage program. The addition of OneDrive is great news to Microsoft and bug hunters alike, as cloud storage is one of the largest (and most important to keep secure) ventures that Microsoft has going for them. People who successfully hunt down security holes in OneDrive can be looking forward to rewards in the ranges of  $500 – $15,000 USD – most definitely worth the time of security researchers and hackers who are willing to do some work.

For people who are interested in learning a bit more about the Bug Bounty Program, specifically the OneDrive portion of it, Microsoft said that they’re going to be holding a booth at CanSecWest 2016 in Vancouver, Canada, where they’ll be providing information and fielding questions to anybody who’s interested in finding out some of the more complex parts of the Bug Bounty Program. If that interests you at all, you can find out about that convention through their website right here.

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