Microsoft adds new features and numerous improvements to its Socl network

Microsoft adds new features to is Socl network

Social networks are a dime a dozen these days. Though Facebook dominates, others are also prevalent players, though each covers a different field, such as Twitter and Instagram. But Microsoft is also testing the waters in this marker, albeit on a small scale, and not pushing to go big. 

Socl has been around a while, but likely few outside of the tech community even know of it. Now Microsoft’s Fuse Labs, the arm responsible for the development of the service, and with keeping it up to date and running, is issuing a major update. 

The company claims the functionality has been requested by the customers of the service, and updates are numerous. Faster creation of posts via a new inline creator, streamlining of navigation, private posts that are visible only people you want, and better inline video support. 

Socl is not likely a Facebook killer, but it seems that Microsoft doesn’t want it to be. The company does have a small investment in that as well, which likely precludes real competition. We’ll see where this leads, but for now it remains small scale. 

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