Microsoft adds multiple monitor support and enhanced copy and paste support to Mac Remote Desktop Client beta

Arif Bacchus

In our modern world, most people are always out and about and on the go. Luckily, for those who like to access their desktops while away, Microsoft offers the Remote Desktop application. The company has always been improving on the app, and today they are bringing a new set of features to the beta version of the OS X version of the application.

As per Microsoft, the update to the Beta app adds the following:

What’s new in this update:

  • Desktop Connections can now use multiple monitors.
  • You can copy and paste files between the local desktop and the remote session using both Command X/C/V and Ctrl X/C/V.
  • We’ve changed how the Beta app keyboard works to behave exactly like the Remote Desktop client Store app. The Beta app used a new implementation of the keyboard; however, many of you reported that this new keyboard introduced several issues with typing into apps like the Hyper-v console and typing certain language characters. The Beta app will continue to support both Command X/C/V and Ctrl X/C/V to copy and paste between the local desktop and remote session. Use the Beta app Help->Report an issue option to share your feedback about the keyboard.
  • Horizontal scrolling now works as expected.
  • The middle mouse button can be used to click and drag.

Beta Features:

  • A redesigned user accounts experience that includes unified management
  • Connectivity to remote PCs using a single monitor
  • High quality video and audio streaming
  • Clipboard redirection – Use CMD X/C/V as well as CTRL X/C/V to copy and paste between your local and remote machines
  • List view for local desktops
  • Import .rdp files. This lets you export desktop connections from the store app and import them into the beta client
  • Organize your desktops into groups that make sense to you
  • Access remote desktops through your Remote Desktop Gateway
The Remote Desktop app running on a Mac
The Remote Desktop app running on a Mac

There are currently two versions of the Remote Desktop app for OS X. The public version is available for general download from the Mac App Store , and the beta version is available from hockeyapp by clicking here.