Microsoft adds Metro to new Office Web Apps user interface

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Jun 11th, 2012 inNews

In a new screenshot released today, we get a glimpse at what Microsoft’s Office team has been working on as of late. The screenshot showcases the Word Web App, which is part of the Office Web Apps Preview that is set for testing soon. We get to see some Metro in the new Office Web Apps!

The new Metro interface for Office Web Apps, more specifically the Word App, features a flatter menu button and capital menu text as well as spacing, similar to that of Office 15, or Office 2013 as we learned it would be called. The Word Web App will also have the ability to view comments in Reading mode as well as have an option to increase/decrease font size, justify paragraphs, and adjust paragraph spacing in Editing mode. There will also be a new Page Layout menu in Editing mode. No word yet on any other features in the Word App or any other App, nor is there a release date.

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