Microsoft adds Linked Pages to Bing, links related pages to search results

by Email Twitter: ronwinbeta Feb 23rd, 2012 in News

Microsoft has unveiled a new feature for it’s Bing doing engine that allows users to link related pages to search results. The new Linked Pages in Bing pretty much allows you to have more control in how you show up on a Bing search result.

“By having more control over how you show up in Bing through linking related pages to your search results, now you can help your friends find the interesting stuff that you want them to see,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Users can add links to a personal blog, website, organization, and activities. As these can change over time, Bing users can adjust these interests and activities or even add more links. Those who search for you will see trusted results from Bing as well as the pages and sites that have been linked. Users can even remove links or re-add removed links.

This new feature for Bing is Microsoft way to create a deeper search integration by making it more personal and useful when people are added to the equation.

Check out Linked Pages on Bing by visiting

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