Microsoft adds the HP Elite X3 to the Windows Device Recovery Tool -
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Microsoft adds the HP Elite X3 to the Windows Device Recovery Tool

HP's Elite X3 smartphone has garnered a fair amount of press, being the premier Windows 10 Mobile device released in the last few months. Indeed, the device is arguably carrying the torch for the platform, representing the one truly innovative product to represent Windows 10 Mobile until Microsoft decides to release its Surface Phone sometime in 2017.

Apparently, Microsoft has decided to formally recognize the Elite X3's existence by adding the device to the Windows Device Recovery Tool. According to Windows Central, version 3.10.24401 of the principal tool for updating a Windows 10 Mobile device to its most recent available version of the operating system can now be used to return an HP Elite X3 to its pristine state.

If you haven't updated the Windows Device Recovery Tool in a while, then you can click here to download it. Let us know in the comments if you're one of the lucky ones to have an Elite X3 in your hands and if the device's newfound support brings you some comfort.

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