Microsoft adds diverse emojis in new Windows 10 Insider build

Windows 8 on Surface RT

Not too long ago, we found out that Microsoft would soon be adding more racially diverse emojis to Windows 10. With the new release of Insider build 10547, Microsoft has quietly added in these emojis.

The new addition to Windows 10 isn’t a significant addition to how effective Windows 10 is, sure, but the added representation can only be a good thing. The way emojis are now set up, you can use any one of the old emojis with any skin tone selecting the skin tone first and then picking one of your emojis. It’s a very flexible system, and does a great job of representing everybody in an elegant, subtle way.


On top of the new racially diverse emojis, Microsoft has also been a bit cheeky in adding a middle finger emoji to its library of emotes. It’s definitely not something that we were in dire need of, but I don’t think anybody is going to complain about it.

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