Microsoft adds calendar view support to Microsoft Lists and SharePoint

Rabia Noureen

Web Browsing

Microsoft has released a new feature that allows users to view list content in a modern calendar view in Microsoft Lists and SharePoint. The info was first discovered by Twitter user Laurent Sittler, and the feature is now generally available for Targeted release customers.

With this change, Microsoft Lists users will now see four main views when configuring lists, such as list, grid, gallery, and calendar. As the name suggests, the new experience helps to visualize all list items that use date column information as a calendar that shows start date, end date, and title.

To be clear, users can still create custom views to organize and show the most important items, and there’s also the ability to create two different views (i.e., personal and public). If you are interested in learning more about this feature, be sure to check out the hands-on video on YouTube.