Microsoft adds a history feature in Bing Chat, alongside raising the daily chat limit by 200

Priya Walia

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Bing Chat

The new Bing, an AI companion for the web, introduced by Microsoft, has drawn both negative and positive feedback since its launch. Although still in preview, Microsoft has accommodated the growing numbers of users who are eager to join the waitlist.

However, the technology giant has received requests from users for two enhancements, namely, an increment in the daily chat cap for Bing Chat and the inclusion of a history function in the platform. Microsoft’s CVP and Head of Engineering and Product for Bing, Jordi Ribas, recently shared via a Twitter announcement that the company has successfully implemented yet another limit extension for Bing chat. The expansion now enables users to have up to 20 turns per conversation and up to 200 turns per day on the platform.

As we have reported previously, Microsoft recently conducted a discreet trial by implementing higher limits for daily chat turns and per-session turn limits in Bing Chat. The recent announcement has now made this development official. The last update implemented by Bing Chat has resulted in a change in the daily chat turn limit, which stood at 150. Moreover, the per-session turn limit was also raised to 15.

Furthermore, it has come to our attention that Microsoft has recently made an eagerly anticipated addition to their platform – the Bing chat history feature. The new feature allows users to access their chat history with Bing. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if this feature is made available to every user or only a specific few.

Bing Chat history

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