Microsoft adding ability to remotely install apps to any of your Windows 10 PCs from the Microsoft Store website

Microsoft has been found to be adding a new feature to the Microsoft Store website, one that takes reminiscence from a Windows phone feature, instead recreating it to work for Windows 10 PCs.

While only a few have access to it at the moment (such as those at BleepingComputer), the new feature allows apps to be remotely installed to Windows 10 PCs that you're signed into, from the Microsoft Store website. This works similarly to how Google's Play Store and the Windows phone store worked, whereby you could remotely install an app on your mobile device from the store website; instead, Microsoft wants to bring this convenient feature to users of PCs.

Microsoft Store - remotely install apps on Windows 10 PC

To begin the process, simply log-in to your Microsoft Account on the Microsoft Store website, then head to an app page and you should see an "Install on my devices" button. Clicking this will allow you to select the Windows 10 PC to install the app on.

The only catch is that, to remotely install an app, you must have previously installed it on one of your other devices. So, for example, you can't purchase an app for the first time via the Microsoft Store website and immediately install it on one of your Windows 10 PCs, you would have to install it manually on the first PC and then you would be able to remotely install it to the others.

Do you have access to this new feature? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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