Microsoft acquires open source container company Deis

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Deis

Microsoft has annnounced today that it’s acquiring Deis, a company that aims to make container technologies easy to use for developers. Container technologies allow developers to pack their code and its dependencies into a package that they can run anywhere, now matter where it is deployed. “Container technologies let organizations more easily build, deploy and move applications to and from the cloud,” explained Microsoft’s EVP of Cloud and Enterprise Group Scott Guthrie in the blog post announcing the news. “With this increase in agility and portability, containers are helping to make applications the new currency in the cloud,” he added.

According to Guthrie, the two main purposes of this acquisition are the following: making sure that Azure is the best place to run containerized workloads, and leverage Deis’ deep ties with the open source community. He explained

Deis gives developers the means to vastly improve application agility, efficiency and reliability through their Kubernetes container management technologies. In addition to their container expertise, the Deis team brings a depth of open source technology experience – furthering Microsoft’s commitments to improve developer productivity and to provide choice and flexibility for our customers everywhere.

In a separate blog post, the Deis team echoed this forward-looking vision and emphasized “the breadth, depth and reach of Microsoft to help define, shape and build new cloud-native applications.” For Azure customers, this acquisition should make Microsoft’s container technologies much more attractive and versatile going forward. “We expect Deis’ technology to make it even easier for customers to work with our existing container portfolio including Linux and Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers and Azure Container Service, no matter what tools they choose to use,” explained Guthrie.