Microsoft acquires data analytics company Metanautix

Microsoft has always been a company that knows how to bring on the best talent from around the world to further its ends. With Microsoft’s business spread just about everywhere, it’s the smart thing for them to do to make sure they don’t get spread too thin. Today, there’s another team of talented people joining up with the Microsoft team.

Metanautix, a data analytics company, has just been acquired by Microsoft for reasons unknown.  The announcement was made today with blog posts from both Microsoft and Metanautix. In the brief write-up from Microsoft, they detailed a the problem with data analytics and how they want Metanautix to help fix it.

“Companies continue to generate enormous volumes of information and aspire to be more data-driven in their strategies and operations. But many struggle to bring together their various sources and siloes of data, and only analyze and use a fraction of all the available information. Metanautix’ technology breaks these boundaries to connect the “data supply chain,” no matter what the type, size or location of an organization’s data.”

With the organization of Metanautix on board helping with the vast amounts of information being dealt with both internally at Microsoft and in its customers, its addition is going to be a great help to the company as it moves forward into its most ambitious years.

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