Microsoft acknowledges issue with latest Edge Insider Dev channel build

Laurent Giret

The latest update for the Edge Insider Dev channel build didn’t go well this week as Microsoft acknowledged an issue with the latest version As it turns out, some users are unable to launch the Dev version of the web browser after installing this new build.

As of this writing, Microsoft has pulled the problematic Dev build, and a new build will be released soon to fix the issue for users who already installed the build “It will be automatically deployed to your device without having to take any action,” the company explained today. In the meantime, users affected by the bug can uninstall the latest build and reinstall last week’s build from the Microsoft Edge Insider website. Another workardound is to switch to the Canary channel.

The Edge Insider Dev channel is currently on a weekly release cycle, while the Canary channel gets daily updates. A Beta channel that will be updated every 6 weeks is also coming soon on Windows 10, but a first Beta build leaked earlier this month.