Microsoft acknowledges game mouse lag in Windows 8.1, investigation continues


Microsoft acknowledges game mouse lag in Windows 8.1 -- investigation continues

Since the release of Windows 8.1, gamers have been complaining about problems with mouse lag. It doesn’t seem to be something that affects all games, and not all mice have the issue, but the problem has finally been acknowledged by Microsoft.

In a post on the Microsoft Community forum, Microsoft responds to a user who complains: “Since I’ve upgraded to Windows 8.1, when playing some games the mouse doesn’t behave right. It lags, or the pointer jumps back and forth, or I can’t click fast.”

The reply says that there is no release date for a fix yet, but Microsoft is working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The post goes on to say that the mouse lag problem is in fact several issues that could be influenced by a number of factors.

While there is no definite fix at the moment, Microsoft does suggest a few workarounds that could help. These include trying to run problematic games in compatibility mode, reducing mouse delay settings, and disabling DPI scaling. If and when a patch is release, we’ll let you know!

Have you be plagued with mouse lag? Have any of the suggested workarounds worked?