Microsoft Account website revealed in leaked screenshot, has a Metro look and feel

Microsoft new Account website was showcased in a leaked screenshot earlier today and sports a clean, Metro style look and feel. Microsoft revealed recently that it is re-branding the Windows Live for the Windows operating system into whats now called Microsoft Account.

“Microsoft account is our identity service for individuals who use Microsoft products and services. You can use your Microsoft account to sign in to your Windows 8 PC, and then use the same account to check your billing for services like Xbox LIVE, Zune, and the Windows 8 app store,” Microsoft explained when it first announced the transition. The new Account website will feature an Overview, where you can edit your name and other personal information. A Profile section that takes you to A Notification section that helps you manage your email preferences. A Permissions section to manage linked accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. And finally a Billing section which takes you to

This new Account website will eventually be available via

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