Microsoft Account to feature two-factor authentication, currently in the works

two-factor authentication

It looks like Microsoft may be gearing up for some sweet two-factor authentication security measures for its services, starting with it’s Microsoft Account. According to a new report, this security enhancement is being worked on alongside an “authenticator” app for Windows Phone.

“By setting up “Two-step verification”, when logging in to your Microsoft account from any device or apps (with the exception of devices added to your trusted PC list), in addition to typing in your password you will also be prompted to enter a security code randomly generated by an Authenticator app on your phone,” the report states.

Two-factor authentication is traditionally a great way to provide added security to a service to prevent password theft. Paired with the Authenticator app for Windows Phone, you can easily generate a security code or even add your Microsoft Account to the app by scanning a barcode or entering a key. Great feature if you own a Windows Phone.

Two-factor authentication will not work if you have your Microsoft Account linked to another account. However, you may unlink the account to begin using the new security feature. Microsoft is also working on an “app password” for apps or devices that utilize Microsoft Account but do not support two-factor authentication. This is simply a means to generate an app password from the Microsoft Account site, which you can enter into the password field to sign in.

Microsoft has yet to offer an official statement regarding this matter.

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