The Microsoft Band: Now with emoticons

Email Twitter: @Sean_Michael_UK Jul 6th, 2015 inNews

Microosft Band

Sometimes you have something you want to say that words just can’t describe. A subtle wink, a cheeky smile, a sticking out of the tongue while winking that no one does in real life. You know what I’m referring to, emoticons. Now those little icons of emotion are available on your wrist through the Microsoft Band.

With the firmware update that rolled out last week, the Microsoft Band gained many golf related functions but it also brought a new way to express emotions. As reported by Windows Central, if you tried to read a text with an emoticon before the update, it wouldn’t show up. The majority of the update was for golf related features but this is a nice subtle addition.

Messaging on the Microsoft Band is better than one might expect from the small screen. The wordflow keyboard helps cover up your mistakes and receiving texts on your wrist is a major draw of a wearable device. Now with emoticons, those messages are just a bit richer.

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