Micosoft updates Hotmail to include categories, pinning, and improved Outlook features

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Oct 3rd, 2011 inNews

Microsoft has recently began updating it’s email service Hotmail with brand new features which includes categories, pinning, scheduled tasks and improves Outlook features, and more.

Microsoft have been hard at work on a few Hotmail updates which includes categories, pinning, hover menu’s, sweep to schedule cleanup, and SSL.

Microsoft’s main update for Hotmail is categories, it is the equivalent to Gmail’s label feature. Hotmail has been lacking this feature since it’s launch. Still, the feature is welcome.

Microsoft have also introduced pinning emails in your inbox, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. It allows you to pin emails to the top of your inbox so you can access them easily.

Hover menu’s are also included in this Hotmail update, much like Outlook, it allows the user easy navigation to certain tasks just by hovering your cursor over the email.

Microsoft are also enabling SSL by default on all Hotmail accounts. SSL used to be available for those who selected it. Now everyone will get it, regardless.

And finally, Sweep to Schedule Cleanup. This new feature allows the user to scan and delete emails older than a particular date, which should make it easy for users to keep their inbox clean.

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