Popular Twitter client MetroTwit for Windows 8 comes to an end

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 MetroTwit Twitter client for Windows Desktop & Windows 8 comes to an end.

MetroTwit has announced that it’s shutting down. The ever so popular Twitter client for Windows desktop and Modern UI will no longer be available to download. The client hit the maximum number of users Twitter permits, and joined the club of various other third-party clients, including Carbon, whose popularity had the service killed. 

Developers have delisted the app from the Windows Store among other places to prevent any new users from joining in. This is being done to ensure that existing users could continue to use the app. “Effective immediately, we will be removing the MetroTwit for Desktop installer and MetroTwit for Windows 8 Store listing to ensure the app remains usable by all current users.”

So what happens now? The good news is, the existing users don’t have to worry about anything. All the present users can continue to use the app, just that the app will not receive any further updates from now on.

Simply put, Twitter doesn’t want any third-party apps around. It has imposed a limit, which it calls “tokens” that refers to the number of users any third-party is allowed to provide shelter to. Many apps including Falcon Pro and Carbon have already found themselves in a similar situation, and now because of that, the popular MetroTwit app won’t be available to new users.

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