Metrotube for Windows Phone 8.1 updated with new features

Sean Cameron


With Google offering no official apps for Windows Phone, save for a single search app, it has long been the responsibility of third-party app developers to bring quality alternatives to the public, particularly with regards to Youtube. Of the Youtube apps currently available on the Windows Phone store, there are a number of particular quality, of these Metrotube stands out.

Offering a comprehensive list of features and a well-designed layout, it is easy to see why Metrotube maintains a loyal following. These fans are to receive an extra surprise, as Lazyworm are now rolling out a new update for Metrotube users globally, bringing a number of new features, along with bug fixes and tweaks.

Metrotube screenshot

Among the new features, there is a new ‘Continuous Playback’ mode, which allows users to view an entire playlist in order automatically, and the new ‘Audio’ mode, which allows audio only video playback, perfect for music listening.

Metrotube has an extensive free offering, however users are encouraged to make a donation of $0.99 towards its continuing maintenance.

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