Should every icon in Windows 8 be Metrofied? (editorial)

There has been a lot of hype created about the new operating system from the software giant. The new tile based metro interface hasn’t got the confidence of people just yet. I have been following the development of Windows 8 since the very beginning and Microsoft is putting some great efforts in polishing the new metro interface, but what about the icons?

There has been some great developmental changes in Windows 8 since its conception. But there is one part too where there hasn’t been any kind of development and that part has to do with the changes in the shortcut icons. Microsoft introduced a new set of icons in Windows Vista. The same set of icons were used in Windows 7 and now upto the Windows 8 Release Preview level, we are seeing the same icons. This is kind of frustrating for some users, including me. On one hand Microsoft is creating a beautiful live tiles experience whereas on the other hand they are completely bypassing the remodeling of the old icons. As they have stated in an official blog post that Aero will not be available in Windows 8, think how ugly those icons will look without aero effects.

The Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, Calculator, and Notepad icons don’t fit well with the new unified approach of Microsoft’s Metro design. For example, the same old yellow folder icons and the same icon for ISO files are making this experience a bit boring. If they are metrofying the whole Windows experience, why should the desktop icons be left behind?

I think Microsoft should hire some professionals and create some breath taking Metro style icons for the desktop so that it could be a beautiful and seamless Metro/Desktop experience for the Windows 8 user. Take a look at this concept image created by a fan who feels the same way:

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