Microsoft to Metro-fy the Ribbon UI in Windows 8?

New screenshots and information have leaked onto the internet today revealing new changes to the Ribbon UI for the Windows Explorer within Windows 8. Currently, the Explorer uses Office 2007 type UI, these new screenshots suggest that Microsoft are planning to Metro-fy the Ribbon UI.

New screenshots have leaked onto the web today revealing an updated Metro version of the Ribbon UI in Windows 8. The new changes make all the buttons more square, and blend far more easily into the Windows Explorer window.

According to the translated report, the Release Candidate (RC) version of Windows 8 will feature an updated Windows Explorer that will now have a more Metro interface. Microsoft looks to have added a touch of Metro to the Ribbon UI, especially the File, Home, Share, and View buttons.

Remember to take these screenshots with a grain of salt, as they could be false.

These new changes to the Explorer is another step forward to making Windows 8 more Metrofied. The Desktop side of Windows 8 hasn’t been looking like Metro at all, hopefully Microsoft plan to change this before the Release Candidate.

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