IE10 Metro mode to not support plugins, will offer to switch to desktop mode instead

In a new IEBlog post, Microsoft talk about how the internet will be transitioning to a plugin-free web, where websites will no longer require plugins to be used. Unfortunatly, today is not that day and millions upon millions of websites still use plugins. The Metro version of IE10 will not support plugins, but will ask if you want to switch between desktop and metro mode when plugins are needed.

IEBlog has today revealed a new feature that will allow developers to warn its users that the website they are visiting requires a plugin. Microsoft state that IE10 does not use plugins to save battery life, as well as security, reliability and privacy.

Developers can add a snippit to the HTTP header or meta tag on their website which will warn users that the website they are visitng requires plugins, and will offer to switch to desktop mode IE10, which does support plugins.

This offers a quick, “one-touch” way to use your plugins, even when your browser doesn’t support this. This will be a plus for Windows 8 tablets, where the iPad and other devices fail to support flash. Windows 8 will have support in the desktop version of the program.

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