MessageOps’ new Office 365 Adoption Platform is helping businesses get the most of their subscription

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft seems to be reinvigorating its push into business sectors, fully equipped with renewed hardware and software solutions. Similar to the crawl-like pace of adoption most companies execute on, Microsoft’s software and hardware solutions seemingly stagnated as its customer base settled into a comfortable productivity cycle.
[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”businesses need leadership buy-in, power users, and champions, and adoption needs to be fun.”[/pullquote]
That was then, and this is now. Microsoft is offering its new premium hybrid laptop and tableted devices with software that spans ecosystems and platforms. As Microsoft signs up hardware distribution partners to support and help businesses adopt and utilize the new devices, the company is taking a similar strategy with its software.
MessageOps, a Microsoft Cloud based business unit of Champion Solutions Group, recently announced its launch of its Office 365 Adoption platform. The new platform is designed to help business get the most out of their Office 365 subscriptions and services. Think of MessageOps as a tutor explaining what a footnote is and how to apply it to your essay.
Even though 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies have purchased Office 365 in the within the last year, CEO of MessageOps Chris Pyle argues that many customers still fail to get the most out of their subscriptions.

The whole point of investing time and resources into Office 365 is to improve communication and boost productivity, but without a streamlined plan in place, businesses will struggle to realize the full value of the investment. We created the Office 365 Adoption platform to bridge these gaps and enable successful adoptions.”

Part of the ebb and flow of previous versions of Office was its perceived complexity and seemingly overly robust toolsets. Often, average customers would complain of ‘too’ many options and confusing workflows while ‘power users’ would champion Office’s ubiquitous nature and flexibility. Furthermore, in working with thousands of companies around the world, Pyle believes adoption and education are reliant on a top-down strategy for most businesses.

For example, businesses need leadership buy-in, power users, and champions, and adoption needs to be fun. Education and training are also essential, as are easy-to-access support resources.”

Fortunately, this time around for Microsoft and Office 365, there is MessageOps adoption platform in place to help everyone become a power user. Although a relatively new company, MessageOps has worked with thousands of companies migrate and adjust management issues from previous versions of Office to Office 365. As Office 365 is quickly becoming the number one deployed app in business and tallying up close to 50 million active monthly users, MessageOps has been pretty busy implementing its 3-easy-step adoption strategy for companies.
According to Pyle, MessageOps helps businesses create their Office 365 Adoption platform using just three easy steps.
Message Ops 3-easy-step process

  • Companies choose an Office 365 vision statement and their corporate communication plan frequency.
  • Businesses gain access to a robust library of resources, an end-user self-service help desk, and more.
  • Users can share the customized Office 365 Adoption Planning and Change Management Platform with their team, as well as receive on-going updates, tips, tricks, and best practices to keep all business units engaged.

Beyond the adoption process, MessageOps excels at its support, reporting and flexibility when working with its businesses customers. Office 365 Adoption Platform includes essential features such as

  • Company branded platform (specifically tailored)
  • How To Step-by-step learning processes
  • Office 365 Department Guide
  • Level 1-2 self-service help desk
  • Adoption plan
  • Life-long end-user communication plan
  • Quick Start guides
  • Business scenario identification
  • Videos
  • And much more.

On top of that, MessageOps platform also provides the all-mighty reporting that many companies crave. Reports can include, help desk reports and web statistics on the performance of business teams.
MessageOps offers the Office 365 Adoption Platform as a website or a SharePoint app with a businesses Office 365 environment. While some may bemoan the use of SharePoint, it’s all part of MessageOps integration and education plan, to help companies engage in underutilized aspects of Office 365.
Office 365 Adoption is available for a free 30-day trial. For more information, call 877-788-1617 or visit