Mercedes-Benz announces “In Car Office” project to bring Microsoft productivity to your ride

Laurent Giret

While both Apple and Google are currently working to integrate their iOS and Android devices into car head units through their own smartphone projection standards, Microsoft is currently following another path. At IFA 2016 today, Mercedes-Benz has announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to develop “In Car Office,” a new software solution that leverages Microsoft services to make Mercedes owners more productive during their work commute (via Techcrunch).

Mercedes’ In Car Office will support Microsoft Exchange to connect to your professional contacts, email, and agenda. Once complete, the software will be able to anticipate your next appointments and navigate you there seamlessly, notify you about missed phone calls or text messages, and more. Overall, the system will help you accomplish several work-related tasks right from your car in a more convenient and safe way.

In Car Office is expected to be available in Mercedes cars during the first half of next year. Let us know in the comments if the ability to be more productive on the road would sway you to make your next ride a Mercedes.