Member of hacking group “Lizard Squad” arrested in the UK by SEROCU

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Lizard Squad

The so-called “Lizard Squad”, famous for ruining Christmas Day for children around the world by bringing down Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, has seen another member arrested by UK authorities.

Supported by Titan ROCU and the National Cyber Crimes Unit (NCCU), the South East Regional Organised Crimes Unit (SEROCU) arrested the individual, an 18 year-old man in Southport based on evidence of his complicity both in the DDOS attacks on Microsoft and Sony property and also in the act ‘Swatting’.

‘Swatting’ is the practice of certain individuals to illegally provide the police with false information, leading to dangerous incidents where misinformed firearms officers (ie: “SWAT teams”) challenge innocent individuals in their homes. This is most prevalent in the USA, where the act has taken an unfortunate upswing in popularity.


As a part of the arrest, a number of electronic items were seized from the man’s home, which are believed to have been used in the attacks. Craig Jones, head of the Cyber Crime Unit at SEROCU said,

“We are still at the early stages of the investigation and there is still much work to be done. We will continue to work closely with the FBI to identify those to who commit offences and hold them to account. We are pursuing cyber criminals using the latest technology and working with businesses and academia to further develop specialist investigative capabilities to protect and reduce the risk to the public.”

DCC Peter Goodman, National Policing Lead for Cyber Security at the Association of Police Officers (ACPO) went on to say,

“This arrest demonstrates that we will pursue those who commit crime with the false perception they are protected within their own homes or hiding behind anonymous online personas”

As law enforcement agencies across the globe struggle to contain the growing threat of cyber-crime, this is a small but significant milestone in the path towards a little more online security for all.

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