Melinda Gates reveals her favorite holiday gift ideas for budding young scientists

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Who better to take holiday gift advices from than a computer scientist, philanthropist and billionaire? Melinda Gates has taken to Medium to share her suggestions on what to buy for your science-oriented kids this holiday season, while also revealing some interesting tidbits about her childhood.
Melinda’s most meaningful gift, also the one that kickstarted her career in technology, is, surprisingly (or not) an Apple computer, specifically the Apple III. The computer was bought by her father, with the intention of leading on her interest in science to computers; needless to say, it worked wonderfully.
It was these fond memories Melinda drew from to raise her three children, who of course have no lack of the inherited science blood from both sides of the family. Weekend family science experiments were the norm, and stinking up a kitchen or two in the name of science was a fair price for new discoveries and imagining new possibilities. Based on her experience, here is ‘Melinda Gates’ guide to Holiday STEM shopping.’

Melinda Gates' holiday shopping guide
I want the Dash Robot. What about you?

Overall, these are all great gift ideas, that, saved for the Dash Robot, gives children a well-rounded hands-on in all of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) instead of focusing on just one. If your child is interested science, buying one of these gifts maybe the first step to making them the next Bill Gates.

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