Meet the YaMoBile – A Yammer controlled RC car

Meet the YaMoBile – A Yammer controlled RC car

Yes, you read the headline correctly. We have seen many things in the Microsoft labs recently, though this isn’t actually one of those projects. Instead, it was an individual effort carried out by an employee of the company’s Danish division.

Sebastian Brandes, who works for Microsoft Consulting Services in the Scandinavian nation, decided a new project was in order. So he purchased an RC car -- you know the type, we all had these things as kids, and some adults still play with them. He then hooked the remote to an Arduino and, through a rather complicated amount of wiring, has managed to gain control over the toy though Yammer.

The setup looks a bit wild, but it all comes together, and Mr. Brandes has put together a rather nice and detailed video of the whole thing. I won’t spoil it for you. If you have a few minutes, then you can check out the action below. He’ll be showing it off at Maker Fair in Copenhagen on January 17, if you happen to be in the area.

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