Meet the Microsoft Band 2, now in high resolution

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You know this is coming, don't you? Microsoft is certainly not going to leave out any of the new hardware it's recently announced, and this time, it's the Microsoft Band 2's turn to provide tech eye-candy, in a series of official hero images released on the Windows blog.
An all-around upgrade from last year's Microsoft Band, the Band 2 features all the sensors found in the previous version while also adding a barometer, making a comprehensive tracking solutions for all your body stats, all in a modern, comfortable package complete with curved display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and an updated charging mechanism. The new Band will be cross-platform (unlike other so-called smartwatches): iOS, Android and Windows all on the table, with Microsoft Health app; of course, the best integration will be on Windows with Cortana support.
Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the Microsoft Band 2.

Front look: slimmer and more refined than last year.

Closer look on the 2 buttons.

Side look accentuating the new curved display.

Be sure to check out Microsoft's other new device in glorious high resolutions, and stay tuned for upcoming reviews, deals and more in the future.

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