Meet DC-18, Nokia's new external charger that resembles a colorful Live Tile

Nokia DC-18

Check out Nokia's new portable charger called the "DC-18" which resembles a colorful Live Tile! These external chargers will allow you to recharge your Nokia Lumia or Asha devices, while looking cool at the same time.

Nokia's Lumia like of smartphones, powered by Windows Phone, and Nokia's Asha line of handsets, powered by the company's own Asha platform, are both compatible with this external charger. It measures 57 x 57 x 14.9 mm and isn't that heavy at all, weighing 65g. There is a battery status indicator that lights up depending on the charge level.

"It may only be an external power pack, but the Universal Portable USB Charger DC-18 manages to look better than most such bricks we've seen, though its 1,720 mAh capacity probably means you’ll only get a single recharge out of it," SlashGear mentions.

The DC-18 will be available in four different colors that match its Lumia and Asha line of smartphones. The colors include cyan, magenta, white, and yellow. Nokia has yet to officially announce any pricing and the external charger is expected in a month or two.

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