Meemim seeks to simplify the display of information on HoloLens

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Meemin has been working on an information management platform for HoloLens to simplify the process of delivering and displaying information in augmented reality.

The team collaboration software makes working together in mixed reality with the Microsoft HoloLens even easier. Instead of starting from scratch to build a platform for your team to work on, the software has a standard interface that can be used as a central hub. Basically, it makes attaching information to physical or virtual object simple without the need to know any programming.

The information is stored in a centralized repository that can be linked to as many sources as you want. Furthermore, users will be able to search for what they need with a single Intranet that combines all of the stored information. That includes image-based searching.


Meemin has been expanded to work with more systems and APIs. According to the press release, the platform works with EPR and CRM which keeps all of the information stored up to date automatically in real time. Likewise, it supports future add-ins and integrations that might come its way.

“Our goal is to provide a platform that simplifies HoloLens adoption,” says Alec Pestov, the CEO of Meemim. “We want to give organizations a way of displaying information in mixed reality without programming help. We also want to give developers a platform that they can incorporate in their solutions – much like ThyssenKrupp did with Skype – thus reducing cost to their customers.”

Businesses will be able to try the free version of the Meemin platform with smaller groups. But if they want the full Enterprise version, they'll be expected to pay for the extra storage space. The software isn't available to purchase yet, however.

The use of the HoloLens is becoming more and more popular for larger companies seeing the value in mixed reality. Platforms like Meemin just make the integration process that much easier. In the end, it'll save them plenty of time and money and make integration towards the future of business that Microsoft intends much easier.

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