Media get first look at Master Chief from upcoming live-action Halo TV series

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft's Xbox One X video game console.

The live-action Halo TV series, inspired by the popular Xbox video game franchise, may not be due out until 2021 but production is already underway and some people are already being shown sneak peeks of the cast in costume.

During the Television Critics Association winter press tour, IGN’s David Griffin was lucky enough to be shown a photo of Pablo Schreiber in the famous Master Chief Armor and he enthused that it “looks fantastic” and was very accurate to the video game source material.

Unfortunately, the image wasn’t released publicly but odds are that it will be soon, especially as we draw nearer to the 2021 debut.

The Halo TV series has been in development for a while but the main cast has finally been locked in and those behind it have stated that they’re going for a Game of Thrones level of quality.

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