Media Center to not be included in Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

A new report is suggesting that the Windows Media Center application will not be included in the upcoming Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) and was also not available in the Developer Preview build. Will we see Media Center in Windows 8 at all?

The Verge is reporting that Media Center will indeed be included in Windows 8, but will not be seen in the upcoming Consumer Preview build of Windows 8. Those who tested the Developer Preview build also noticed that Microsoft had removed the Media Center from the build. “We are hearing that Media Center will still be included in Windows 8, but that it will remain relatively untouched from the Windows 7 version. Unlike Windows 7, it will be separated into an edition (or editions) aimed at enthusiasts,” the report states.

Microsoft is focusing on its Xbox platform when it comes to entertainment, rather than Windows. Microsoft was in talks with major TV networks about having its Xbox Live service stream TV channels in the United States. This would be an interesting move on the company’s part as it would allow an Xbox 360 user to not only play games on their console but also stream TV channels though their Xbox.

According to a new patent that was approved to Microsoft in late December, the Xbox might also have a DVR app running along with TV content to allow for the ability to record media and pause on the Xbox console.

Update: Microsoft responds via twitter but did not indicate if this was true for the Consumer Preview: “Good grief. We said Media Center will definitely be part of Windows 8.” Microsoft also gave us a screenshot of Media Center in Windows 8 Build 8225

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