Massive multiplayer 'Elite Dangerous' blazes its way onto Xbox One

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With all the Windows 10 devices announced today, you can't forget about games on Xbox One and Windows 10. According to Major Nelson, Elite Dangerous is now ready to play on Xbox One. Elite Dangerous will test your space prowess as you grow from a small starship to a heavily-armed battlecruiser. Do whatever it takes to learn skills, gain inventory and weaponry, and learn new battle strategies as you claw your way up through the ranks of the Elite. The open-world environment of Elite Dangerous is designed around the real-life proportions of our own 400 billion star system of the Milky Way galaxy - the largest playable space to date.

Explore, fight, and survive in Elite Dangerous’s enormous multiplayer galaxy on Xbox Live where you can also trade items among your Xbox Live friends or challenge them to a free-for-all in CQC (Close Quarter Combat). Challenge a friend to a one-on-one match or play co-op against a sworn foe you come across in the vast multiplayer galaxy to see who can rise to the top of the Xbox Live leaderboard.
Any way you slice it, the choice is yours in Elite Dangerous; you are free to play it how you want to play it. Blow up every spaceship in the galaxy in this 34th century intergalactic arena, or explore the galaxy planet-by-planet. If you are on the fence about whether to buy Elite Dangerous, try the Xbox One free trial and see how awesome it is for yourself.
Buy Elite Dangerous today for Xbox One
Buy Elite Dangerous for Windows 10 (Windows 8.1, Windows 7, etc.)

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