Board member Mason Morfit purchases $43 million in shares from Microsoft


Microsoft, following its recent Windows 10 event, has had something of a difficult time in the stock markets. Though the decision to make Windows 10 free for one year to all users currently running either Windows 7 or 8 was popular with users, it didn’t see quite the same reception with shareholders. With a great deal of Redmond’s revenue relying on user software upgrades, the potential to make quite a killing (at least in the short-term) proved too much for a few, who then voiced their displeasure.

Fortunately, even despite the recent drops in the price of MSFT shares, some still have hope. Microsoft Board member Mason Morfit of ValueAct Capital is one of such individual, having just bought $43 million in Microsoft stock. This amounts to just over 1 million shares, and represents a significant investment in the future of the company. It is expected that this will go some way to balance reporting on the future of the firm, and will hopefully go some way to calm existing investors as well as attracting a few new names to the scene.

Do you believe shareholders were right to be concerned regarding the future of Microsoft? 

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