Martian Szwed is off to summit the tallest peak on Antarctica, Microsoft gadgets in tow

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Martian Szwed is off to summit the tallest peak on Antarctica with a few Microsoft gadgets in towWe use our smartphones every day no matter what, that could mean super hot summers or freezing winters, and our phones are expected to keep up with us. One person will be pushing himself to the limit to summit the tallest peak on Antarctica alone. With him, Martin Szwed plans to bring along two Lumia 930 devices, a Surface Pro 3, and a solar charger for power. With these devices Szwed plans to share his experience along the way, as he takes this amazing journey.

Martin Szwed has a history of achieving great things like summiting four mountains Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Elbrus, and Denali and overcoming cancer. Now driven by a passion to get the most out of life Martin Szwed is working on climbing the tallest mountains on every continent. Thanks to the wonders of small and light devices and the internet, we will all be able to follow along while Martin Szwed uses Skype to check in. Along with Skype, OneDrive and OneNote will be essential tools used to document the adventure.

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