March update for Xbox One brings multiplayer and party improvements

March update for Xbox One brings multiplayer and party improvements

The expected February update for Xbox One may have been slightly delayed, but there is already talk of what we can expect to find in the March update. This second update is planned for release before March 11 — the day Titanfall is released — and aims to improve some of the aspects of social gaming.

As the update is still a month away, and there is another one due before this one, details are a little thin on the ground at the moment. But Marc Whitten, Xbox Corporate Vice President, said: “Our March Xbox One system update will start rolling out in early March. We’re excited to get these multiplayer and party improvements out in time for the March 11 launch of “Titanfall”, the highly anticipated team-based online multiplayer game.”

So what can we expect to see? Party chat audio will now be enabled by default when entering or starting a party — it will no longer be necessary to manually switch it on. There is also the useful option to chat both in and out of a game, meaning that it will be possible to have more private chats.

The update will also make it easier to see who is online, and a new option to invite friends to a game so multiplayer games can be started faster. There will be more included in the update, and further information will be released near the time of launch.

What do you think of Microsoft’s approach to Xbox One updates? It’s early days, but are things shaping up well do you think?

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