HERE Maps working once more for current Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users

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When Microsoft first announced Windows 10 mobile last year, those over at Redmond also announced a new proprietary mapping application that would be included in Windows 10 for both PCs and mobile devices, leaving the Nokia branded HERE Maps out in the cold. Since then we have reported that Microsoft, among others, were bidding to purchase HERE Maps before it was sold to a collection of German automakers, a deal that is set to close tomorrow according to the Times of India. Despite these developments, HERE Maps has thus far remained available for Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobile users, and has even received several useful updates over the past few months. However, for many Windows phone users, HERE maps ran into a snag that instructed users to download the new (and previously unavailable) version of HERE Maps. Today HERE Maps has finally been updated to version


Despite this new version of HERE Maps not including an official change log, the app at least works for Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobile users once more. HERE Maps is not available in the Microsoft store so this latest version is only accessible for those who still have the app installed on their current devices. Although there is no word on when HERE Maps will find its way back into the Microsoft store, Windows 10 mobile users can still rely on Microsoft’s own Maps application in the interim.
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