Maps app for Windows 10 Insiders updated with reliability and performance improvements

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For most people, it's not that often that we need to open up our GPS app and get our bearings. When the need does arise, however, it's important that the app is tuned up to be as functional as possible. To that end, the Maps app for Windows 10 has been given a huge update, adding in a few new features and fixing several bugs. Here's the full change log:

  • Ability to manually save your location when GPS isn’t available, which can now be used by Windows and other apps and services that you allow
  • Reliability, accessibility, and performance improvements
  • New airport venue maps. You’ll see a purple layout on places that have it and tapping on it will show you the indoor map for that airport. You can also switch between multiple floors.
  • Fixed remaining issues with voice instructions, all languages supported should now be speaking instructions
  • Fixed several bugs that were leaving guided directions in weird states (arrows disappeared or it stopped tracking your location)
  • Fixed issue with StreetSide becoming unresponsive when you were dragging the mouse outside the app window.
  • Reliability, accessibility, and performance improvements

With the new update, you should have more options when you're trying to find your way around with the Maps app. The new manual location entry feature is fairly useful for people who happen to not have any reception. Hopefully, with these new improvements, Maps will be more reliable for its users.

This update is currently only available for Windows 10 Insiders in the slow and fast rings.

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