Manage group emails in Outlook with the new Follow in Inbox

Laurent Giret

recall an email in outlook

If your organization use Outlook Groups and its shared workspaces to improve team collaboration, the Office team announced today that a new feature called “Follow in inbox” will soon replace the current Groups subscription model. Once the feature goes live for Outlook Groups users, they will be able to opt in to receive copies of all group conversations and events in their personal inbox.

“Regardless of whether members follow the group, the conversations hub inside the group’s shared space will always contain all the group’s discussions and history in its original form for current and new members to read at any time,” explained the Office team. If Group members will have the choice to follow a Group or not, Group creators will be able to choose whether members will automatically follow it in their inbox. “Following is recommended when members will be sharing important or urgent content and you don’t want them to miss anything.”

Creators of new groups can choose whether members will automatically follow the group.

In Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac, Outlook on the Web and Outlook for iOS and Android, the new group card will show whether you’re following the group or not, with a toggle to change the setting. The Outlook team says that this new model has been designed by listening to customer feedback, and it will roll out gradually to all users.