Man upgrades 4,000 company PCs to Windows 8, says Windows 8 is faster and runs better


An unnamed man, who is a CTO for an unnamed company, has upgraded 4,000 of his company PCs to Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 8. His employer hasn’t authorized him to speak about his company’s technology strategy but in a report with Business Insider, he reveals why he jumped on board the Windows 8 bandwagon.

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According to this CTO, apps are 15%-20% faster and there is a “noticeable difference” on Windows 8 compared to Windows 7. “Any app that runs on Windows 7 runs better on Windows 8,” he stated. We all know Windows 8 utilizes less memory and boots faster as well but this CTO loves how responsive the operating system is. This CTO is also planning on purchasing thousands of Surface tablets for the company, rather than iPads, since Office comes natively and there is Flash support. Although many will agree that most businesses will not upgrade to Windows 8 right away, the CTO, however, believes that many businesses will indeed upgrade to Windows 8 because there is the ability to use Windows 7 apps in desktop mode. As far as learning Windows 8 goes, he believes, “Windows 8 drives you batty for exactly four hours … seriously. Get yourself a Surface and it takes you a day to get used to keyboard and it takes about four hours to learn the touch interface.”